Are You Being Imprisoned by Your Own Little Bubble?


The most trustworthy source of knowledge we have is our own first-hand experience. Don’t you feel more comfortable with what you know when you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch things for yourself? Well, that’s all fine and good. In fact, that’s great! But shouldn’t we be careful to not throw out the power of patterns presented by other people? I know. It’s not Read More →

The First Question to Ask Before Deciding What You Want Out of Life


You might think you want to go to college. You might think you want to start a particular career. You might think you want to get married, have kids, and retire at age 55. We think a lot of things, don’t we? When I was a teenager, I thought my first boyfriend from high school was who I’d be with forever. He actually turned out Read More →

Popup Libraries at Your Local Public Park


If you’ve never read a book at your local public park, then you are missing out. Libraries can be awfully stuffy. Of course, not everyone has access to a clean, quiet, relaxing public park and that’s a shame. Nature makes a wonderful backdrop for a light snack and an interesting book. If you have enjoyed a book under the comfort of a shade tree, then Read More →

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